Bottle, Can, Milk Jug and Tetra Pack Donations Update!

JMac SCC and Grade 8 farewell will most gratefully accept your bottle, can, milk jug and tetra pack donations at all Saskatchewan SARCAN’s Drop and Go stations between now and May 30.

Use the account code JMac (case sensitive) to make a donation to MACPAC when you leave your donation in the designated area. Bottle caps off please.

OR text 306 526 3805 for more information or a scheduled drop off on Hampton Place. Scheduled pick up from your home (two large bag/ box minimum please) is also available on request for those unable to stop at SARCAN or Hampton Place.

Your donation supports the Jack Mackenzie SCC and Grade 8 farewell raising money for special events, “Love for Nahla” library and playground enhancements, school supplies, water fountains and more.

After May 30, your donations will go 100% to the JMac SCC on an ongoing basis.