Educational Blitz for Parents Regarding Sexual Health Conversations with Youth

Planned Parenthood Regina (PPR) is pleased to announce their Educational Blitz for Adults project supported by the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF). This campaign aims to directly educate and impact adults, parents and service providers who work with youth to inform, equip and enhance their skills to “begin the conversation” with younger generations about sexual health.

Saskatchewan has the highest rates of STI’s, HIV and unplanned pregnancy per capita in Canada. As an agency Planned Parenthood Regina has seen a growing number of phone calls from parents and community service providers asking for assistance with accurate information on sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and contraceptives. Parents and community service providers are also asking for information on how to speak with youth about sexual health. Many adults claim that as youth they were never provided with this information and never had important adults in their lives talk to them about sexual health.


On Monday, March 12 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, Planned Parenthood will be at Jack MacKenzie School to meet with parents and offer suggestions/guidance to address sexual health questions and concerns of youth they know. The education program focuses on addressing the importance of talking with youth about sexual health and provides information, discussion and resources to participants. The evening will be geared towards parents with children in Grades 5 and up however, all parents/caregivers are welcome to attend. Please note, this is an evening for adults only as it is not intended to replace the conversation at home. 

If you have any questions please contact Marilyn Embury @ or Amanda Scollan @

We are looking forward to an informative night of gaining insight on teachable moments and tips for talking to kids on this very important topic.