Safety Patrol Reminder

Dear Jack Mack Families,

Pedestrian safety continues to be a growing concern around Elementary Schools. We are lucky to have student volunteers who have been trained by the Regina Police Services to help the younger students cross our street safely. As they are doing their job to protect, we ask parents and families for assistance. Please be extra alert as you drive through our intersection. If Patrollers are in the street, holding up their Stop sign, please stop your vehicle. Since they have direct orders to not stop moving vehicles, they cannot enter the street when a vehicle is coming. Please be sensitive to this. They have received the training and are following proper protocol. Many times, however, drivers do not adhere to their signs, and continue to drive through our stationed patrollers. This puts our patrollers and young pedestrians at risk.

Let’s all work together to make our road safe! Please be attentive, patient, and a positive role model.

Thank you.


Jack Mack Safety Patrol