Jack MacKenzie Staff Directory


Tracy Houk



Erin Wittal

Vice Principal

Office/POD 1

Deanne Stawarz

Kindergarten A and B

The Hive

Pod 1

Becky Tayler

Grade 1/2 A

Erin Wittal

Grade 1/2 B

Becky Halter

Grade 1/2 C

Rebecca Stanicky

Grade 3/4 A

Nature’s Nook

Pod 2

Bonnie McMurtry

Grade 3 A

Erin Gale

Rachel Paterson

Grade 2/3A

Grade 4/5 A

Neil Barber

Grade 5/6 A

Courageous Corner

Pod 3

Erica Larson

Grade 5/6 B

Jenn Foell

Stephanie Tran

Grade 5/6 C

Grade 4/5 B

Kyla Crawford

Grade 6/7A 

Academic Avenue

Pod 4

Angela Scott

Grade 7/8 A Classroom Blog

Kris Jan

Grade 7/8 B

Classroom website

Kevin Yeske

Grade 7/8 C Classroom Blog

Andrew Gerrand

Functional Transitions Classroom


Amanda Grand

Learning Resource 


Stephanie Wotherspoon

Teacher Librarian /

Primary Specialist 

Legacy Library/The Hive

Alicia Reschny/Dara Shindelka

Specialist (Arts Ed.)

Ukulele Lane

Amy Seiferling

Specialist (Core French)

Nature’s Nook

Allison Getz

Rebecca Ryan

Kaitlyn Cowper

Elle Morrow



Karen Dermody

English as an Additional Language

EAL Office

Amber McGonigal

Administrative Assistant


Christina Klyne

Joni Wikman

Corissa St. Louis

Kristina Derow

Donna Stercl

Abby Borschneck

Sam Asselin

Special Education Assistants


Garrett Schwartz -

Head Facility Operator