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Weekly Event Info

September 18th - 22nd 

Monday, September 18th (Day 5)- 

- X -Country practice this morning at recess. Meet outside by the portables.

- A Girls volleyball practice @ noon.
- A Boys volleyball practice - 3:45 p.m.
- First Full Band Rehearsal for the 7/8's @ Campbell 10:30-11:30AM (Bussing: 10:10 pick up; return 11:45)

Terry Fox Walk/Run

On Friday, September 22, Jack MacKenzie students will be participating in the annual Terry Fox walk/run at 2:45 pm. Teachers will collect donations to raise funds for cancer research until Friday, September 29. Thank you for your support!

Safety Patrol Reminder

Our safety patrollers are now out in full action and are doing a great job! With that being said, please be courteous of the safety patrollers when they are on patrol at the front of the school. It is important to model positive pedestrian safety. Our patrollers have been trained by the Regina Police and follow specific protocal. Please be mindful of that.

Milk Program

The Senior students at Jack MacKenzie School proudly provide a milk program for any student who stays for lunch.  Individual containers of 250ml each are available in white or chocolate milk, in multiples of 10.   Milk will be available to students beginning Monday, September 11th, 2017.

QSP Fundraiser in Action!

Thanks to Jeff from QSP Magazine Fundraising Program for coming to our school and getting the students ready and excited to sell not only magazines, but Dream Big gifts! Students receive one Coop (a chicken-in-costume on a lanyard) for every one magazine they sell OR two non-magazine items OR a $10.00 donation. 

Please Note

We are currently having some issues with gmail accounts not coming through to the school. If you have a gmail account and email the school but do not receive a reply, please be aware that the school may not have received the message. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!