A big thank you to our Jack MacKenzie families who contributed food items for the FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign! Mrs. Aiginitis' Grade 4 class helped weigh bags and load them on to the FCC truck. We raised enough food to cover 600 meals!! WOW!! Thank you again for your generosity! 

FCC Drive Away Hunger

No one should go hungry

The FCC website states, "When it comes to the basics, food is at the top of the list. While most of us are fortunate to have enough to eat, not everyone is so lucky. In fact, children make up over a third of those who rely on Canadian food banks."

Safety Patrol Reminder

Our safety patrollers are now out in full action and are doing a great job! With that being said, please be courteous of the safety patrollers when they are on patrol at the front of the school. It is important to model positive pedestrian safety. Our patrollers have been trained by the Regina Police and follow specific protocal. Please be mindful of that.