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Regina Public Schools would like to know how we can best meet your family’s needs when it comes to high school education. We are striving to provide an equitable and exceptional educational and extra-curricular experience for all high school students, regardless of where they live in Regina.


We are asking students in elementary school grades 6 to 8 and high school grades 9 to 12 and parents or guardians to share their thoughts so we at Regina Public Schools create a better high school experience.


We encourage you to participate. Please click on this link for more details and to participate. 




Track Meet - Tuesday, September 23

We are still looking for parent volunteers to make our Track and Field Day a successful one!  If you could help us out, please contact the office at 791-8585.  Thanks in advance for your support!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

September 22 - 26

Monday, September 22 (5) - Mrs. Riou's Grade 6 all day Fieldtrip to Flying Creek

Monday, September 22(5)-Outdoor Ed. Classroom Presentations @ 2:15 for the Gr. 7/8 students.

Tuesday, September 23 (5) - Cross Country Run 8:15 a.m.

Tuesday, September 23 (1) -School Track and Field Day at Douglas Park

Tuesday, September 23 (1) - Band Parent Meeting at Balfour 7:00PM

Wednesday, September 24 (2) - Cross Country Meet at Douglas Park 4:55 start time.

Wednesday, September 24 (2) -Grade 6 Band Sectionals (AM)

Thursday, September 25 (3) - Cross Country Run Noon

Thursday, September 25 (3)- Swimming Grade 4-6 (1-2 pm)

Friday, September 26th (4) - Cross Country Run 8:15 a.m.

Friday, September 26 (4) - Noon - SLC

Friday, September 26th (4) - Terry Fox Walk/Run 2:45ish

Friday, September 26th - (4) Grade 7 & 8 Full Band Rehearsal 11:45 - 2:45



‘Sing your song, your children are strong…’


Jack MacKenzie School was honoured to host Winston Wuttunee as a special guest on Friday, September 19.  Winston sang, told stories, made the staff and students laugh at his sense of humour, marvel at his musical ability and ponder at his wisdom.  Mr Wuttunee was born and raised in Saskatchewan and is from the Red Pheasant First Nation. He is a singer / songwriter, actor, speaker and presenter, and has been bestowed many honours and awards throughout his career.  Indeed, Winston inspired everyone he met.



Picture Day! Wednesday, September 17


Remember School photo day - Wedneday, September 17

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

September 15 - 19

Monday, September 15- Grade 6 Immunizations (pm)

Tuesday, September 16 (1) - Cross Country Run 8:15 a.m.

Wednesday September 17th (2) - Picture Day!!  Smile everyone!

Wednesday, September 17th (2) - Grade 6 Band Sectionals (AM)

Thursday, September 18 (3) - Cross Country Run Noon

Thursday, September 18 (3) -Girls' A Volleyball Game @ Marion McVeety today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Friday, September 19 (4) - Cross Country Run 8:15 a.m.

Friday, September 19 (4) - Noon - SLC


Friday, September 19 (4) - Winston Wuttunee performance 

                                          -1:00 -2:00 Grade 7/8

                                          -2:15 - 2:50 - Grades 1-3

                                          -2:55 - 3:30 - Grades 4-6


Have a great week everyone!

Winston Wuttunee to visit Jack MacKenzie School


Story teller and Musician Winston Wuttunee is coming to visit Jack MacKenzie next Friday, September 19 in the afternoon.  Winston’s performances are inspiring, entertaining, and very engaging and he sings, performs, and tells stories!  

A household name in the Canadian Music industry since 1973, Aboriginal entertainer Winston Wuttunee has wowed audiences across North America as well as Europe and Australia as a singer, keynote speaker, and comedian. 

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Winston is fluent in Cree, English, French, and has working knowledge of German. His formative years as a musician were spent in the Canadian Guards Regimental Band as a Clarinetist, which allowed him to broaden his musical repertoire to include Rock & Roll, Blues, Country & Western, Pop, and Classical. He has appeared in hundreds of newspaper articles and interviews, on national television, on radio, and in three movies. In 2002, he became a Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, an honour bestowed upon him by the Annual Aboriginal Awards.

Winston is a gifted performer and and inspiring storyteller and we are so lucky to have an afternoon with him!







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Open House and Barbecue

Please join us at Jack MacKenzie on Thursday, September 11 for our Annual Open house.  A Barbecue (for those families who have pre-ordered) from 5:30 - 6:30 will be followed by and Open House from 6:00 - 7:00pm.  This is your chance to meet your child's teachers and wander through the halls of our building!  


Looking forward to seeeing you!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

September 8 - 12

Wednesday, September 10  - Grade 6 Band Sectionals (AM)
Wednesday, September 10 - School Community Counsel Meeting 7:00pm, Library
Thursday, September 11  - Meet the Teacher Night and BBQ 5:30 - 7:00
Friday,September 12 - Noon - SLC (Library)



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