DQ Special Lunch - Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Once again it is time for another Special Lunch here at Jack MacKenzie School. We are very excited to have DQ orders delivered on Thursday May 18th for those who would like to take part. If you would like to order please go online at www.healthyhunger.ca  The deadline to order is Friday May 12th.


Please email me with allergy concerns as the manager of DQ is willing to accommodate requests.


Thank you -

Angel Blair Jack MacKenzie School

SCC Social Committee


Here's What's Happening at Jack MacKenzie for the Week of Monday, May 8th - Friday, May 12th, 2017:


Monday, May 8th (Day 2):

- Badminton Doubles 7:45-8:45 (Mr. Hollinger)
- Grade 8 Yearbook Committee Meeting at Noon in Mrs. Reoch's Rm 142.
- Singles Badminton @ noon.
- Red Team Badminton Practice 3:45 to 4:45 PM (Ms. Baker)
- Grade 4/5 Outdoor Ed. Field Trip ( all day) 8:53am to 3:15pm

Tuesday May 9th (Day 3):

- Badminton Doubles 7:45-8:45 (Mr. Hollinger)
- Mrs. Scott’s Math Grade 7's Canoeing 12:45-3:00 pm on Wascana Lake
- Blue Team Badminton Practice 3:45 to 4:45 PM (Ms. Baker)

Wednesday, May 10th (Day 4):

- Badminton Doubles 7:45-8:45 (Mr.Hollinger)
- Mr. Galenzoski's Grade 6 class to Flying Creek all day
- Mr.Barber and Mrs. McMurtry's classes at Bennett Farms this afternoon
- Singles Badminton @ noon.
- Singles Game vs Dr. Perry

Thursday, May 11th (Day 5):  

- Mrs. Scott’s Math Grade 7's Canoeing 12:45-3:00 pm on Lake
- CREATE: 12:45 in Mr. Barber's room and 2:15 in Mrs. Aiginitis' room
- Blue Team Badminton Doubles game vs Henry Braun 4:00 - 5:10 PM (Ms. Baker’s Team)

Friday, May 12th (Day 1):  

- Grade 6 Immunizations ( And a few grade 8"s)
- Grade 4 (Kopec) 4/5 (Barber) & 5 (Sentes) swimming @ SSLC 1:15 - 2:15
- Grade 7/8 Band Trip to Saskatoon

Dairy Queen Fundraiser

DQ Fundraiser orders are due Tuesday May 2nd.  Please make sure your order forms are returned.  Gift Certificates will be handed out to the students on Friday May 5th.


Just a reminder that for each DQ ice cream cake gift certificate that each student sells the school will recieve $10.00. 


The prizes for this fundraiser are as follows:
Individual Prizes
·        Top Number of cakes sold – Lunch with Mr. MacKenzie and a $40 Itunes Gift Card.
·        2nd for number of cakes sold - $40.00 Itunes Gift Card
·        3rd for number of cakes sold - $20.00 Itunes Gift Card
Top Classroom
·         Will receive a blizzard afternoon.   



Here's What's Happening at Jack MacKenzie for the Week of Monday, May 1st - Friday, May 5th, 2017:

Monday, May 1 (Day 2):

- Badminton Practice 7:45-8:45 am (Mr. Hollinger)
- Cash Milk Sales in front foyer at 10:15 am
- Singles Badminton @ noon.
- Outdoor Ed. Presentation in Grade 4/5 @ 2:30 pm
- Outdoor Ed. Presentation in Riou's grade 6 classroom @ 2:30 pm

Tuesday, May 2nd (Day 3):

- Badminton Practice 7:45-8:45 am (Mr. Hollinger)
- T-L meeting @ 1:00 - Library closed
- Red Team Badminton Practice 3:45 to 4:45 pm (Ms. Baker)

Wednesday May 3rd, (Day 4):

- Badminton Practice 7:45-8:45 (Mr. Hollinger)
- Singles Game @ Milliken
- Grades 1-3/4 are going to W.S. Hawrylak's Musical in the afternoon
- Blue Team Badminton Practice 3:45 to 4:45 PM (Ms. Baker)                                               

- SCC Meeting at 7:00 pm in the library.

Thursday, May 4th (Day 5):

- SLC's Star Wars Day!
- Red Team Badminton Doubles game vs Harvest City @ 4:00 - 5:10 PM (Ms. Baker’s Team)
- Badminton Doubles game at Connaught (Mr. Hollinger’s Team)
- New Kindergarten Parent Meeting @6:30 in the library

Friday, May 5th (Day 1):
- Mrs. Kopec’s Grade 4 class Bricks for Kidz Workshop 10:30 to 11:45 am                           

-  Hawaiian Dance is this afternoon.  K – 4 from 12:45 – 2:00 pm and 5 – 8 from 2:30 pm



National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW)


Stop the Spread - Don’t Wait Vaccinate!

Did you know…Immunizations have saved more lives in Canada than any other medical intervention! In fact, Immunization prevents between 2-3 million deaths every year


How do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines interact with the immune system to produce

an immune response similar to that produced by

the natural infection. They prevent diseases and

complications arising from a disease such as pneumonia,

brain damage, blindness, loss of hearing, ear infections,

limb amputation, cancers, and even death.


Common Vaccine Myths:

MYTH: Vaccines cause disease and lots of complications.

FACT: Vaccines do not cause the disease or put the immunized person at risk. Vaccines are very safe. Most vaccine reactions are usually minor and temporary, such as a sore arm or mild fever. You are far more likely to be seriously injured by a vaccine-preventable disease than by a vaccine.

MYTH: Too many vaccines at one time will make you sick.

FACT: Scientific evidence shows that giving several vaccines at the same time has no adverse effect on a person’s immune system and is safe. Every day our bodies come into contact with millions of germs, causing our immune system to work continuously to protect us. Even if you received 10,000 vaccines at one time, the body would still be able to respond without being overwhelmed.

MYTH: I’m not a child. I don’t need to worry about vaccines now.

FACT: Adolescents need vaccines because they are at increased risk for certain diseases like hepatitis, meningitis and HPV (human papilloma virus) infections. Adults also require immunization to restore waning immunity against some vaccine preventable diseases and to establish immunity against other diseases that are more common in adults. And, vaccinations protect travellers from common illness like Hepatitis A.

MYTH: If I don’t vaccinate, it only impacts me.

FACT: Vaccination is important because it not only protects the person receiving the vaccine, but also helps prevent the spread of disease, especially to those that are most vulnerable to serious complications such as infants and young children, elderly, and those with chronic conditions and weakened immune systems. If people are not vaccinated, diseases that have become uncommon, such as polio and measles, will quickly reappear.



For more information on vaccinations and immunizations, call 306-766-7500 or visit our website http://www.rqhealth.ca/.

Here's What's Happening at Jack MacKenzie for the Week of Monday, April 24th - Friday, April 28th, 2017:

Monday, April 24th (Day 2):

- Badminton @7:45 am

- Singles Badminton @ noon.

- Badminton @ 3:45 - 4:45 pm (Ms. Baker)


Tuesday, April 25th (Day 3):

- Badminton @ 7:45 am

- Grade 8 Farewell Photos @ 9:15 am in the Drama/Dance Room

- Badminton Singles Game@ Harvest City

- Badminton @ 3:45 - 4:45 PM (Ms.Baker)


Tuesday April 25th and 26th Special Guest Bruce and Marjorie McKenzie Gr 3-5 "Way of life growing up Northern Cree' Gr 6-8 'Walk for Life' - Social activist regarding water and pipelines.


Wednesday, April 26th (Day 4):

- Badminton 7:45-8:45 am

- Singles Badminton @ noon.

- Singles game @ Henry Janzen

- Badminton @ 3:45 - 4:45 pm (Ms. Baker)


Thursday, April 27th (Day 5):

 - Mr. Ruf @ Spring Council in Saskatoon. Welcome a guest teacher.

- Ms. Baker's and Mrs. Gilroy's classes at Golden Mile Bowling from 12:45 to 3:00 pm

- Badminton Doubles game @ Henry Janzen 4:00 - 5:10 pm (Ms. Baker’s Team)

- Badminton Doubles game @ MacNeil 4-5pm (Mr. Hollinger's Team)



Friday, April 28th (Day 1):

- Grade 1's off to the MacKenzie Art Gallery 12:30- 3:15 pm

- Mr. Ruf @ Spring Council in Saskatoon. Welcome a guest teacher.

- Grade 4 Mrs. Kopec, 4/5 Mr. Barber & 5 Mrs. Sentes swimming @ SSLC 1:15 - 2:15 pm.


Saturday, April 29th, 2017 - District Speakoff in Edmonton, Alberta.  Go Grady!!





Here's What's Happening at Jack MacKenzie for the Week of Monday, April 10th - Friday, April 21st, 2017:

Tuesday, April 11th and Wednesday April 12th:

- JMKEN School presents LION KING - Gym will be closed from Friday April 7 - Thursday April 13th. Rehearsal all day Monday April 10th, Dress rehearsal Tuesday April 11th a.m. Concert at 1:30 for various Grade 7/8 students from Regina Public Schools, Tuesday Evening Concert for parents 7:00 p.m. Wednesday 9:30 a.m. concert for St. Gabriel students, 1:30 p.m. for Jack MacKenzie 7:00 p.m. Evening Concert for parents. Tear down Thursday.

Monday April 10th (Day 3):

- Grade 6 Dream Catchers PAA
- Badminton Game @ Hawrylak

Tuesday, April 11th (Day 4):

- Grade 6 Dream Catchers PAA

- Mrs. McMurtry's and Mrs. Aiginitis's classes going to Santa Maria in the afternoon.
- Kindergarten is going to the City of Regina Floral Conservatory in the afternoon.

Thursday April 13th (Day 5):

- Grade 6 Dream Catchers PAA

- SLC's Menchies Day for Teddy Bear Anonymous Fundraiser!
- SCC Special Lunch Today.
- Mrs. Gilroy-Beck, Ms. Baker, Mrs. McMurtry and Mrs. Aiginitis Classes swimming at the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Center 1:15 - 2:15 pm.
- Badminton Doubles game @ Dr. Perry 4:00 - 5:10 pm (Ms. Baker’s Team)


Friday April 14th – Good Friday Holiday

No school for staff and students.

 Monday April 17th – Friday, April 21st inclusive

Spring Vacation no school for staff and students. 

Chopped Leaf Special Lunch on Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Jack Mackenzie School’s Special Lunch for April 13th  is …..

Image result for chopped leaf logo 

Please order online at www.healthyhunger.ca

Order deadline is:  Monday April 10th at noon.

If you have problems or questions please call Healthy Hunger directly at: 1-800-818-6260.

Enjoy and thank you from your Jack Mackenzie School SCC Social Committee.





Information about Wascana Plains School 2017 - 2018

News from École Wascana Plains School

(This newsletter can also be found on the website wascanaplains.rbe.sk.ca.)


Playground Fundraising Donation Page


The École Wascana Plains School Playground Fundraising Committee is pleased to share the Cash On-Line Donation Page, with all proceeds going to the two play structures to be installed on our playground.  Just sign in or create a new account and give as much as you like.  Any donations over $25 will be issued a tax receipt.  Our goal is to raise $100000 to cover the material costs and installation.  Every donation helps to create a true school community.  Follow the link:




Our Playground Committee is also on Facebook at:


Wascana Plains School Playground:





Community Daycares Accepting Registrations April 1


First Years Learning Centre will be opening their doors for the 2017-18 school year.  Registrations will begin Saturday, April 1, 9:00 AM, for 90 available childcare spots.  For more information, contact:


Tara Jors, Executive Director, First Years Learning Centre Inc., fylcgreens@sasktel.net


 School Mascot and Colours Campaign


Our Name that Mascot and Suggest School Colours Campaign is well underway.  If you have ideas for who our school should represent and what should be our school community colours, send your suggestions to:        wascanaplains@rbe.sk.ca

Who do you want to represent and wear on your school clothes?  Bears, Bison, Hawks, Hornets, Jets, Panthers, Jack Rabbits, Golden Gophers, Storm, Wolves? 


Launch of School Website and Twitter


École Wascana Plains School is alive and well on a variety of social media platforms.  You can find our new school homepage at:




Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most up-to-date information.


You can also find us on Twitter at:  @WascanaPlains



École Wascana Plains School Parent and Student Information Night


Thursday, April 6, 7:00 PM

École W.S. Hawrylak School

2530 Assiniboine Ave. E.


Please come and join us for our Parent and Student Information Night.  Find out more about the school, see some pictures, and get information regarding registration. We will also provide some updates on our Playground Fundraising Committee and Before and After School care.  All future school families are welcome!




Before and After School Program

We have started our search for a Before and After School Program provider.  There will a maximum of 60 spaces in Gr. 1-6 (Gr. 7-8's as space is available).  Our Before and After School committee will hope to have a decision by the end of April.  There is a very good chance demand may exceed our capacity and you must be registered with the school to qualify.  The best place to watch for more information is on the new school website for updates.




Here's What's Happening at Jack MacKenzie for the Week of Monday, April 3rd - Friday, April 7th, 2017:

Monday, April 3rd (Day 3): 

- Badminton Practice 7:45 – 845 am

- Cash Milk Sales in front foyer at 10:15 am
- Badminton Practice @ noon
- Badminton Practice @ 3:30 - 4:45 pm (Ms. Baker)
- T-L meeting @ 1:00 pm - Library closed
- SLC fundraiser for Teddy Bear Anonymous Menchies order form is coming home today.

Tuesday, April 4th (Day 4):

- Badminton Practice at 7:45-8:45 am
- Badminton @ noon
- Lion King - Gym 3:37 - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, April 5th (Day 5):

- Mrs. Aiginitis' Grade 3/4 Class to RSM pm
- Badminton at 7:45 – 8:45 am
- Grade 5/6 Basketball Noon
- Badminton Doubles game vs Massy
- Badminton Singles at Hawrlyak
- Club Speakoff and Banquet at the Austrian Club 6:00 pm.  Good luck to our finalists:  Andrea, Anton, Fatima and Grady!!
- SCC Meeting @ 7:00 PM in the library

Thursday, April 6th (Day 1):

- Badminton at 7:45 - 8:45 am (Ms. Baker)
- Grade 5/6 Basketball - Noon
- Badminton Doubles at Hunt  after school. Go Coyotes!!
- Grade 5/6 Basketball Tournament.3:30 - 6:00 pm.

Friday, April 7th (Day 2):

- SLC fundraiser for Teddy Bears Anonymous Menchies Order Forms are Due
- SLC Wear your Jack MacKenzie Clothing Day

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