Bake Sale!

The SLC will be holding a bake sale on Thursday, October 23.  Items will be 50 cents and $1.  Students may purchase a maximum of $5 worth of baking. 

If your family is interested and willing to contribute items to this bake sale, we would gladly accept all items that are nut free.  Thank you in advance!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

October 20 - 24

Monday, Oct. 20th-23rd: Girls' A Volleyball practice @ Noon.

Monday, October 20th (3) - Boys A Volleyball Practice 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Monday, Oct 20 (3) - Grade 7/8 YWCA Healthy Relationship presentation 7/8 @ 9:15, 10:45, 1:00 and 2:30

Tuesday, Oct 21 (4) - Grade 7 & 8 Full Band 12:45 - 2:00

Tuesday, Oct 21 (4) - Grade 6 Full Band 2:15 - 3:37

Tuesday, October 21st (4)-Girls' A Volleyball Game vs. Henry Braun today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Wednesday, October 22nd (5)- Gr. 7/8 Senior pod is going to the Riddell Centre Theatre at the University of Regina to attend the matinee of the D.I.W.C.- Production-"Dear Edwina" @ 12:30. The buses will be leaving the school at 11:45 AM.

Wednesday, October 22nd - A Boys Volleyball game @ Henry Braun.

Thursday, October 23rd - Gr. 6 Live Broadcast Presentation of "Experiencing Space from Saskatchewan" from Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques in room 301, 10:30-11:30 am

Thursday, October 23rd - Senior Choir at noon.

Thursday, October 23rd-Girls' A and Boys' A Volleyball Tournament @ Campbell Collegiate. Girl's Games are at: 3:30, 4:32, & 4:52. Boy's Games are at: 3:52, 4:12, & 5:12. 1st Place vs 2nd Place Playoff @ 5:34-5:51 for both the girls and boys.Go Coyotes!!

Thursday October 23rd: Halloween Bake Sale

Friday, Oct 24 (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)



We are extending the deadline for QSP magazine orders to Monday, October 20.  This is our major SCC fundriaser of the year, and your support is greatly appreciated to ensure its success! Thank you for your assistance! 

FCC Food Drive

Please look for the Farm Credit Canada Food Drive paper bags to come home on Tuesday, October 14.  Kindly refill these with non-perishable goods and return to the school by Thursday, October 16 (morning) as the truck will be here to pick up the food!

Many thanks in advance for your generosity!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

October 13 - 17

Monday, October 13 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Tuesday, Oct. 14th-16th: Girls' A Volleyball practice @ Noon.

Tuesday Oct 14 - FCC food drive begins

Tuesday Oct 14 (4) - Grade 7 & 8 Full Band 12:45 - 2:00PM

Thursday Oct 16 - FCC food drive pickup

Thursday, October 16 (1)-Gr. 1 classes off to Fire Station #5 PM only.

Thursday, October 16th (1)-Girls' A Volleyball Game @ Douglas Park today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Thursday, October 16th (1) - Grade 6-8 Tuba and Baritone players are going to a tuba concert at Darke Hall from 11:30 - 1:15PM

Friday, Oct 24 (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)

Friday, Oct 17 (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)

Friday, October 17 (2) - Grade 6/7/8 Gym Blast - morning 


Safety in front of our School

Traffic Safety – Please help improve the traffic safety around our school. 

Keep everyone safe, obey traffic signs and our Safety Patrol!





This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

October 6 - 10

Monday, October 6th- Girls' A Volleyball practice is cancelled at noon today.

Monday, October 6th (5)- Gr. 7/8 Mrs. Scott's and Mrs. Reoch's classes are on an all day Geo-Caching field trip.

Monday, October 6 (5) - A boys volleyball game at Regina Christian School.

Tuesday, October 7 (1) - Cross Country Run 8:15 a.m.

Tuesday, October 7 (1) - A boys volleyball practice 8:00 - 8:45 a.m.

Tuesday, October 7th-9th: Girls' A Volleyball practice @ Noon.

Tuesday, October 7th (1)-Girls' A Volleyball Game vs. Harvest City today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Wednesday, October 8 (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)

Wednesday, October 8 (1)-Girls' A Volleyball Game vs. Milliken today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Wednesday, October 8 (2) - Cross Country Final Race at Douglas Park (Start time 4:55)

Thursday, October 9th (3)-Mrs Seifert and Ms Weichel's Gr. 1 classes to Pumpkin Hollow today 10:00-3:00. Weather permitting.

Thursday, October 9th (3)-Girls' A Volleyball Game @ Henry Janzen today after school. Go Coyotes!!

Thursday, October 9th (3) - A boys volleyball practice 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Friday, October 10 - Professional Development Day - No School for Students

Happy Birthday, Mr MacKenzie!

The staff and students were so delgihted to celebrate the 87th birthday of Mr Jack MacKenzie on Thursday, October 2.  Mr MacKenzie and his special guests were entertained by Ms. Pletz's Grade 2/3 and Ms Mullen's Grade 3 classes, under the direction of Ms Hinz.  The staff and students enjoyed a video clip outlining so many highlights of Mr MacKenzie's life. Another highlight of our special assembly was the Staff Hillbilly Choir which sounded as wonky as they looked!  A big thank you to our fantastic SCC who provided cupcakes so that everyone could have some birthday cake!

This school is NOT nuts!

Just a reminder that due to the fact that many of our students and staff members have life threatening allergies, our school is a PEANUT AWARE school.

We kindly ask families to NOT bring nuts into our school for snacks nor lunches.  Thank you for looking for other options! 

Transportation Reminders


As the cold weather approaches the Regina Public School Board wants to  ensure that school bus routes are running on time,  and that students are safe.  Student delays at stops affect students waiting  further into the route. 

1.   Ensure their child is at the stop location and is ready for boarding five minutes prior to the stated departure time.

2.   Ensure, as necessary, that there is a responsible individual available to meet the vehicle after school.

3.   Have alternate arrangements in place for those times when the vehicle is delayed.


Thank you for your assistance!



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