SCC - Thank you and help baking for "A Night at the Movies"

Thank you to everyone who participated in the cookie fundraiser.  We expect cookies to be delivered on April 29th, please have someone available to come to the school between 3-6:00 for pickup.  Thank you!


We need bake.  The SCC will be supporting The production of "a night at the movies" by providing baking, tea and coffee at both evening presentations.  We will be collecting non sliced baking in disposable containers on Monday April 14th, Tuesday April 15th and April 16th.  We will also be looking for volunteers for April 30th and may 1st.

This Week at Jack MacKenzie School

The 1st Annual Jack Mack and St. Gabriel Basketball game a success! The energy was incredible in the gym. The kids loved cheering for their peers and teachers.

Monday, April 14 (3)

Russ at Admin meeting (AM) 

Swimming - Grade 3 (Mrs. Pletz) 10:15-10:55; Mrs. Uhrich 1:10-1:50; Grades 3/4 (Mrs. Riou) 1:55-2:35

Coffee House Choir at noon.

Grade 8 Farewell Meeting with the Parents in the Library at 5:30 PM.

Badminton Practice for Group 1.

Tuesday, April 15 (4)

Respect Ed. students from Campbell here to work with the grade 7/8's all morning

Coffee House Choir at noon

Grade 4 Making Dream Catchers - 12:45 - 2:00 (Kopec, Riou, Sentes)

(Mrs. Uhrich) Junior Achievement on Community 12:45-2:00

Jazz Band Tour (all day)

Badminton Game vs Judge Bryant and W.S. Hawrylak 3:30 - 5:15.

Wednesday, April 16 (5)

Coffee House Choir - noon

Swimming - Grade 3 (Mrs. Pletz) 10:15-10:55; Mrs. Uhrich 1:10-1:50; Grades 3/4 (Mrs. Riou) 1:55-2:35

Grade 4 Making Dream Catchers - 12:45 - 2:00 (Kopec, Riou, Sentes)

Gr.6-8 Band Sectionals All Day

Thursday, April 17 (1)

Grade 8 Photo's (am)

SAS Team Meeting at 8:45 in EAL room

Coffee House Choir at noon

Silent Gym from 2 - 3:30 for St. Gabriel

Grade 3 - Santa Maria Home (Mrs. Uhrich & Mrs. Pletz) 1:15-3:15

Grade 4-6 Swimming (2-3 pm)


Pick-up for Cookie Dough orders

Cookie Dough orders

The cookie dough orders are due to arrive April 29th.  Parents please plan to pick up your orders on the 29th.    Thank you SCC.


Clothing Order

The company that the SCC had placed our clothing order with has closed. Another company was selected and the order has been placed. As soon as the order comes in, we will notify families. 

Skate 4 Smiles

Have fun AND help build an amazing space for families at the new Children's Hospital. Dawson Ellert, who lived in this community, was a sweet boy who passed away in 2010 when he was in Grade 3. His family is devoted to making a hospital stay comfortable for families. Please see the attached poster for the Skate 4 Smiles event being on March 30. 

Self Declaration for Aboriginal Students

An information session will be held at Albert Scott Community Centre on Sunday, March 17 AND at Division office on Wednesday, March 20.

This session will provide information about how Regina Public Schools is using self-declaration data to better support Aboriginal learners.

Please see the attachment to this blog for full details!

VIEWING our website. . .

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Please use Fire Fox, Chrome or Safari to view our site.


We cannot compromise children's safety. The safety patrol is out everyday. However they only monitor the crosswalk. Supervisors have had to talk to a number of parents/guardians/ older siblings who have come to pick up children about a number of safety issues. We have had a number of individuals:

- park in areas designated as no stopping areas as well as pull u-turns along the street in front of the school

- cars pulling up on the sidewalks while doing a u-turn when students are walking near-by

- jay-walk near the school buses

As a result we ask that you:

Please do not park in the "No Parking Zone"

this includes the Staff Parking Lot (parking privileges are granted for special circumstances, please contact the office to set these up) or the "No Stopping Zones"

Please do not make U-turns in the cross-walks or in front of the school grounds

Please do not block the cross walks or driveways of neighbourhood houses

while waiting for your child to come out.

Use the cross-walks where the safety patrol is regulating traffic

Thank you to the families who give high priority to the safety of all our children. One injury is too many. Please take a little time to insure the students of our community are safe. It may mean that a student has to walk a little further to the car or you have to drive an extra couple of blocks to get home but IT IS WORTH IT if a child never gets hurt!

The Regina Police Service has been at our school issuing tickets in violation of the traffic signs, which are posted in front of the school. They will continue to be monitoring our school area. Thanks for your support and cooperation!


CAUTION: Peanut and Nut Allergies

Please refrain from sending any food items with peanuts or nut products.  We have several students and staff with severe nut allergies which can be life threatening. We need to ensure the safety of all.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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