Annual General Meeting January 27

The Board of Education of the

Regina School Division No. 4 of Saskatchewan

invites the public to attend its


Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Seven Stones Community School

1101 Princess Street

There will be an opportunity for parents and members of the public to tour

Seven Stones Community School at 6:30pm


Copies of the 2013-14 Annual Report and the 2013-14 Audited Financial Statements can be viewed at

where more information about Regnia Public Schools is also available.








New Cold Weather Transportation Procedures

Regina Public Schools transportation has  implemented a new cold weather procedure effective in the 2014-2015 school year.


If the wind chill is –45C or higher at 7:00 a.m., all student transportation will be cancelled.


If the wind chill is –40C or higher at 7:00 a.m., transportation for students requiring vehicles equipped with lifts (for students in wheelchairs) will be cancelled.


All schools will remain open, unless otherwise notified.


In the event of any cold weather/wind chill cancellations, parents will be notified by school connects telephone or text notification system. Please ensure that your correct contact information has been recorded at your school.


In the event of a transportation system-wide transportation cancellation or school closure due to weather, all local Regina TV, newspaper and radio outlets will broadcast this information both on the web and on the air.


Information will also be tweeted by @RegPublicSchool, and announced at in the Important Announcement section.



This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

Monday, January 5th (1) - Welcome back, students!
Monday, January 5th (1) - Meeting with Grade 5-8 battle of the books students in the library at morning recess. Bring your  jackets.

Monday, January 6 noon – Girls Basketball practice

Monday, January  6th 3:37 – Boys basketball practice
Tuesday, January 6th (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)
Tuesday, January 6th (2) - Grade 7 & 8 Full Band 12:45 - 2:00

Tuesday, January 6th 3:37 - Girls Basketball practice

Wednesday, January 7th 8:00 – Boys B Basketball practice

Wednesday, January 7th – Boys Basketball practice
Thursday, January 8th (4) - Grade 6 Full Band 2:00 - 3:00
Thursday, January 8th (4) - Grade 7/8 band sectionals (PM)

Thursday, January 8 - Girls Basketball practice
Friday, January 9th (5) - Announcement Team luncheon

Some photos from our Concert!

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Our Kindergarten classes stealing the show!

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Everybody can sing in Grade 1!



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Grade 2s and "I Can Fly!"


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Embedded image permalink

"Where's Christmas?" performed by the Grade 5 classes


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The Grade 6 classes performing 'Carol of the Bells' 


Embedded image permalink

The Grade 7 and 8 "STOMPin' STUFFERS"


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The lovely voices of the Senior Choir, by candlelight


Holiday Break

A reminder that the last day of school before the break will be Friday, December 19.  Students will be dismissed at 2:30 that day.


Students will return to class on Monday, January 5.  Have a safe and restful holiday break!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

December 15 - 19


December 15th -Senior Choir at noon

December 15th - Mrs Markusson to Hollinger's Grade 5 Room 223 class 2:15 - 3:30

December 15th - 19th: No regular band rehearsals

December 16 (2) - St Gabriel Concert

December 17 (3) Grade 6 (Riou) curling 9:00-10:35

December 17(3) - Grade 6 (Hognestad) curling 10:00-11:35

December 18 - Christmas Program 1:15 p.m. 7:00 p.m - public performances

December 19- Swimming Grade 4-6 (1-2 pm)


December 19: Mrs. Gilroy-Beck's and Mrs Sanchuck's Grade 2's Field Trip to Government House am.

World Vision Bake Sale

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Congratulations Ms Mullen's Grade 3 and Ms Pletz's Grade 2/3 classes on hosting your World Vision Bake Sale on Thursday and Friday!  Such a great project for such a good cause. 



Band Concert

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Congratulations on a successful Band concert!  Practicing pays off for the members of the Balfour Area Band program!

Thank you for your donations!


Thank you for your kind donations for the Christmas Food Hamper!  The SLC will be shopping on Monday for the turkeys and the hams.  The hampers will be delivered to families from Albert and Thompson Community Schools on Monday.  Your generosity is appreciated!

This Week At Jack MacKenzie!

December 8- 12

Monday December 8 - Senior Choir at noon

Monday December 8 - Boys Basketball noon

Monday December 8 - Girls Basketball 3:37

Monday December 8 - SLC Red / white / green day

Tuesday, December 9 - Girls Basketball Noon

Tuesday December 9 - Boys Basketball 3:37

Tuesday, December 9 – Boston Pizza Lunch

Tues., Dec. 9th - Battle of the Books Tournament for Grades 3-4 in the gym with St. Gabriel School at 2:30.The Grade 3 and 4 classes are invited to attend.

Tuesday, December 9th (2) - Grade 6-8 Band Sectionals (all day)

Tuesday, December 9th (2) - Grade 7 & 8 full band moved to day 4 this week

Wednesday, December 10 Quick Kindergarten to visit Government House

Wednesday, December 10 Grade 1 classes (Seifert and Weichel) to visit Government House

Wednesday, Dec 10 - Girls Basketball 3:37

Wednesday, December 10 (3) -Grade 6 (Hognestad) curling 9:00-10:35

Wednesday, December 10 - Grade 1 classes to Government House in afternoon.

Wednesday Dec. 10 (3) - UMOJA rehearsal 8:00 a.m.

Wed., Dec. 10th - Battle of the Books Tournament for Grades 3-4 in the library at noon.

Thursday, December 11: Grade 2/3 and Grade 3 Bake Sale for World Vision

Thursday, December 11 (4) -Grade 6 (Riou) curling 9:00-10:35

Thursday, December 11 (afternoon) - Senior Choir Caroling at Wintergreen Estates - 12:45 - 2:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 11th (4) - Grade 6 - 8 Full Band ALL AFTERNOON (Dress rehearsal)

Thursday, December 11th (4) - Grade 6 - 8 Band Concert 7:00 - 8:30PM

Thursday, December 11 (pm)- Grade 2/3 and Grade 3 at Santa Maria

Friday, December 12: Grade 2/3 and Grade 3 Bake Sale for World Vision

Friday December 12 - gym closed for Christmas concert set-up.


Friday December 12 - All Hamper items due!

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