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Regina Public Schools Grades 1 through 8 students are bringing home a new progress report in the 2012‐2013 school year. Parents or guardians are vital partners in a child’s education and want clear, meaningful information about how their child is doing at school. Please review the attachment below to further understand our assessment practice.

The new Progress Report:
Encourages ongoing communication between you and your child’s teacher;
Continues to report on all academic subjects;
Includes a more detailed Outcome Progress Report that specifically reports literacy and numeracy outcomes; and
Continues to use the Personal/Social Growth Rubric to demonstrate how well your child is developing the citizenship and work habits essential for success.

Why the change?
New outcomes based provincial curricula
Educational research
Desire for greater clarity and consistency regarding school grading practices
Criteria for outcomes thus creating meaning for students and parents
Separates student achievement from behavior and effort
Helps inform teacher instruction
Teaches students what quality looks like

What are outcomes and indicators?
Outcomes: the important understandings and abilities to be developed in each subject area
Indicators: a breakdown of what students need to know and/or be able to do to achieve an outcome
What can parents expect for the November reporting period?
A focus on your child’s learning based on curricular outcome A conference focussing on what is going well and on opportunities for growth
A Progress Report with a Level of Achievement for each subject area
An Outcome Report that reports on each outcome ELA, Math and FLA (French Immersion learners)
Personal Social Growth Rubric

Sample reports and other information is available on the Regina Public Schools Website.


Please find attached the graded reading passages (Grade 1-3). Included is a list of Dolch sight words that parents can refer to as well.  

Supporting Your Child's Learning Pamphlet 2012 (3).pdf1.3 MB
Dolch Word List.pdf259.51 KB
Grade 1 Reading.pdf207.42 KB
End Grade 1 Reading.pdf192.95 KB
Grade 2 Reading.pdf266.01 KB
Grade 3 Reading.pdf353.52 KB