Jack MacKenzie receives the Order of Merit

Congratulations Jack MacKenzie on Receiving
the Saskatchewan Order of Merit

The Jack MacKenzie School Community is extremely proud that Mr. MacKenzie has been awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit during a ceremony on November 5th in Saskatoon.  This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence and outstanding contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of the province and its residents.
Mr. MacKenzie was chosen for his unparalleled dedication and passion for physical education and outdoor education pursuits. 
Mr. MacKenzie was a visionary in Canada for his work promoting physical and outdoor education.

Everyone associated with Regina Public Schools has benefited from his vision and leadership in these areas.  In addition, Mr. MacKenzie’s work promoting “The Joy of Effort” and his charitable foundation for elementary schools to implement acts of kindness for vulnerable persons or environmental issues, was also noted in his presentation.
Congratulations Mr. MacKenzie from the Jack MacKenzie School Community.

We are so blessed to have Mr. MacKenzie as our school’s name-sake and leader.