Attention Gr. 8 Parents: Please watch for this note. Thank you!

Grade 8 Yearbook


Hello Grade 8 students and families.  It’s hard to believe that this is your last year at Jack Mackenzie!  To help remember you time together here, we would like to know if you would be interested in ordering a yearbook and would ask your assistance in collecting photos for the book.


We would be using to create the yearbook.   Books would be available mid July so that photos from the graduation ceremony, trip, and remaining school year can be included.  The approximate cost would be $40 per book (based on at least 20 students ordering a 60 page book).


Before we proceed, we are wondering how many students would be interested in ordering a yearbook.  Can you please either complete the bottom portion of this letter to show your interest and return it to your teacher, or send an email to, by February 9th, advising YES or NO?


To create the yearbook, we would also need some help from each student/family: 


We plan to include classroom photos from K to Gr 8 as well as photos from various extra-curricular activities, sports, & field trips that our students have participated in through the years, etc.   If you have photos from chaperoning a Jack Mac field trip, Christmas concerts, music concerts, sports practices/games, etc, which you are willing to share, please email them to (please also advise during which year/grade the photo was taken).  Any photos which include Mr. Mackenzie would be greatly appreciated!


We would also like each student to create one page containing photos/info “about me”.  This page might contain 6-10 photos including:


Baby/toddler photos


Kindergarten/grade 1 photo as well as photos through the years


Photos showing student’s extra-curricular activities/other hobbies/interests


Student Q & A (eg. Favorite memories of Jack Mackenzie school, favorite memories of Mr Mackenzie, favorite activities/hobbies, what I want to do when I graduate, etc….)                  (more details to follow)


There are a couple of ways each student would be able to complete this “about me” page:


Preferred option - If the household has or is willing to create a free Mixbook account, the yearbook committee would share a template page, which the student can complete, then share back to the committee.


If any households are not able to create a free Mixbook account, they can email photos/info for their student’s “about me” page.  We will upload the photos to Mixbook and one of our yearbook committee members can assist the student to create their page, or create it for them.

We hope that with a small contribution from each family, we can create a book of memories that each of our students can treasure for years.


Our Grade 8 teachers will also be looking for a couple students from each classroom who would be interested in helping to create the yearbook.


To help us anticipate how many families would be interested in purchasing a yearbook, please complete the form below by indicating YES or NO to the question below (or email your answer to


Thank you!

Linda Forster & Candice Oremba

Grade 8 Yearbook Parent Helpers



Please answer the question below & return this portion to your teacher by
Thursday, February 9th (or email your response to



Would your family be interested in ordering a graduation
yearbook for your Grade 8 student (approx. cost $40 - $45)?               YES                 NO