Kindergarten Orientation - An Evening for Parents

Wednesday, May 25th

7:00 pm

Kindergarten Orientation - for Parents only

Presentations will be made by:

Mrs. Deanne Stawarz (Kindergarten Teacher)

Mrs. Arlene Sojonky (Speech Pathologist)

Mrs. Arlene Mastalier (EAL Teacher)

Mrs. Sarah Haidey (School Community Council President)

Mr Russ Clarke (Principal)


At this meeting there will be additional documents that will require completion in order to finalize the registration process.


Please bring your child's immunization card which we can photocopy for our records.


 On Friday June 17, we are inviting all new Kindergarten students to visit Jack MacKenzie School for a 'test drive'.  This will be a mini-day in Kindergarten with Mrs. Stawarz.  Students will enjoy some playtime, a craft, some music, and a story.

9:15 - 10:15 - All students with the last name starting A-M

10:30 - 11:30 - All students with the last name starting N-Z