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Gr. 5-8 Track & Field Schedule for Wednesday, September 21st. Go Coyotes!

Track Schedule 2016

Red Highlight are Running Events

Yellow Highlights are High Jump Events

Green Highlights are Triple/Standing Long Jump Events

Orange Highlights are Long Jump Events

Blue Highlights are Shot/Ball Throw Events

Important Dates for our QSP Fundraiser...


Sales Cut-off at midnight

Foxes handed out

After school

September 19th Double Fox Day

September 20th

September 22nd

September 23rd

September 27th

September 27th

September 30th

October 3rd


This Week at Jack MacKenzie...

The Jack MacKenzie QSP Fundraiser will run from September 15th-29th.  Please show us your support and sell, sell, sell!!


Monday, September 19th(Day 2)- Grade 3's at swimming lessons a.m
Monday, September 19th - B Girls Volleyball Practice 7:45 a.m.
Monday, September 19th-Thursday, September 22nd- "A" Girls Volleyball Practice @ 12:00-12:45.
Monday, September 19th-"A" Girls Volleyball Game @ Lakeview. Go Coyotes!!
Monday, September 19th - "A" Boys Volleyball Practice 3:45 - 5:00
Monday, September 19th-Cross Country Running practice 2:00 in the field
Monday, September 19th – Band Sectionals start for grade 6 students at Jack MacKenzie. 

Tuesday, September 20th (Day 3) - A Boys Volleyball Practice 7:45 a.m.
Tuesday, September 20th - A Boys Volleyball Game vs Lakeview 4:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Wednesday, September 21st (Day 4) - A Boys Volleyball Practice 7:45 a.m.
Wednesday, September 21st Cross Country Run meet at Douglas Park--go Coyotes!!
Wednesday, September 21st- Grade 3's at swimming lessons a.m.
Wednesday, September 21st - Track and Field Day (Canada Games Athletic Complex)
Wednesday, September 21st - B Boys Volleyball Practice - 3:45 - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 22nd (Day 5)- B Girls Volleyball Practice - 7:45 a.m.

Thursday, September 22nd – First full band rehearsal for grade 7/8 students at Campbell 10:35-11:35 am
Thursday, September 22nd  -Terry Fox Walk 1:45 - Visit from Fred Fox - 12:45-1:45
Thursday, September 22nd - "A" Boys Volleyball Game @ Douglas Park 4:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Friday, September 23rd (Day 1) Rider Pride Day! Wear your Rider Gear today!
Friday, September 23rd - B Boys Volleyball Practice - 3:45 - 5:00.



Public Health Nurses will be in your school approximately four times throughout the school year providing routine immunization to students in grades 1, 6, and 8.  In certain instances such as follow-up when there is case of vaccine preventable disease in the school or classroom, children in other grades may also receive a vaccine at school.  Through the schools, the Public Health Nurse will send out a consent form before the scheduled day of immunization.  You can help by completing the form and returning it promptly.  Questions about immunizations can be directed to the school nurse whose contact information will be included in the consent package.

To do their work, public health staff review student immunization records and enter vaccines given in school into the electronic provincial immunization registry called Panorama.  Panorama is a secure electronic health record system designed to store and record immunization related information. Confidential immunization information is only available to authorized health care workers such as members of the public health team, nurse practitioners and physicians across the province using secure networks.  To learn more about Protecting the Privacy of Your Immunization Record [click on name of document for link to electronic copy] or visit or call Population and Public Health at 306-766-7904.

 Please remember:

  • Immunization has saved more lives than any other health care intervention.
  • Getting your children vaccinated on time is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. When you vaccinate your children, you protect them from serious diseases for the rest of their lives.
  • Returning the consent for immunization as quickly as you can assists tremendously in immunizing a large group of children.
  • Having your child eat a healthy breakfast and wearing a short sleeved shirt on the day of immunization are practical ways in which helps the process go more smoothly.


This Week at Jack MacKenzie...

Monday, September 12th (Day 2)– Band Sectionals start for grade 7/8 students at Jack MacKenzie 

Tuesday, September 13th (Day 3) - Grade 7 Canoeing pm at the Lawson Aquatic Centre

Wednesday, September 14th (Day 4) - Photo Day All Day

Wednesday, September 14th (Day 4) - Welcome Back Barbecue at 5:30 & Meet the Teacher 6:30-7:00.

Please check the Menu Below for the food options:


Bon Burger

Bon Burger Combo (Fries and Drink) $10

Hot Dog Combo (Fries and Drink) $7

Taco in a Bag Combo (Fries and Drink) $6.50


                              Poutines $7.35

Classic Poutine (Mozza and Gravy)

Greek Poutine (Tzatziki and Feta)

Bacon Poutine (Mozza, Bacon and Gravy)

Super Loaded Poutine (Mozza, Gravy, Bacon, Onions & Sour Cream)


*Veggie Burgers are available but will take extra time and must be pre-ordered. *Serves gluten free options.

Mr. Spudds Poutinerie

¼ Flame Broiled Loaded Burger $4.99

Mushroom Mozza Burger $5.99

Mozza Bacon Burger $5.99

Chicken Strips and Fries $9.99

(make any order a Drink and Fries combo for $4.99)

                        Poutines $7.99-9.99

Montreal Poutine, Mr. Spudds Mozzarella Poutine, Pulled Pork Poutine, Smokey Bacon Poutine, Caramelized Pineapple and Bacon Poutine, Deluxe Poutine (Sour Cream, Bacon, Chives, Gravy)

Thursday, September 15th (Day 5) - 2:30 QSP Kick off Assembly.

Thursday, September 15th (Day 5) - Boys A Volleyball.  Mini tournament after school.

Friday, September 16th (Day 1) Rider Pride Day! Wear your Rider Gear today!

Friday, September 16th & 17th – Headstart Clinics for Beginner Band Students at Campbell Collegiate (6-8 pm on Friday & 9:30-12:30 on Saturday)


Ms. Gilroy, Miss Iorga and Miss Baker’s grade two classes have started making jewellery to sell to raise money for the United Way.  Students have been putting together sparkle ball earrings and necklaces that they will be selling for $25.00 at the Back to School BBQ and Open House.


There will also be a table set up with tickets for sale to a Comedy Night on Nov. 19th  featuring comedian, Kelly Taylor.  Tickets are $20.00 each.  Proceeds from this event will help fund Summer Success Literacy Camps for inner city youth who are one to two years behind in their literacy scores.  Please help support this great cause and buy your tickets early!

Mrs. Reoch's Grade 7/8's

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